Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The effects of the permanent settlement act it seems, can help understand the attitude of the majority of Indians towards work. Its going to take me some time to construct the whole argument. In this context, I wish to explore the industrial revolution, colonization of India, de-industrialization of India (India contributed 22.6% of world income in 1700 and Europe 23.3% whereas in 1952 India's share fell to 3.8%), a sharp divergence in the income-per-capita between economies since the 1800 and finally, the difference in the popularity of the thoughts of non-achievers for example (in Bengal) Ramakrishna as compared to those contributing to the Bengal renaissance.
Add to this, the impact of creation of wealth and its relationship with innovation.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


If, to perform meant work done towards achieving a predefined objective within a deadline and actually do something better either with the deadline or the end result, then, the group of performers in our society is a minority, globally. For me its still empirical, but can this really be true? Doesn't it mean we are being selected against?

This idea of per capita happiness instead of income, to measure the prosperity of a Nation sort of drives the nail in. Whatever the metric is, will increase.....they say.