Sunday, November 22, 2009

the I in Me

In the wikipedia page on neurotrophins, there's a statement to the effect that adults have an enhanced capability to grow new neurons and synapses for about an year into a romantic relationship.

Neurogenesis would increase the capacity of our brain and thus the possibility of enhancing our capabilities. We therefore either choose to enhance our capabilities and god gives us the extra neurons or, we can stick with the experimental observation that the process of learning involves and requires neurogenesis.

Perhaps more important than asking what are we learning during this first year is, why, are we choosing to learn while in love? Procreation, with the purpose to preserve the Me, fits the bill well. I will not make the remaining connections here; I'm already on a detour.

Whatever satisfies the purpose of preserving the me will then allow us to increase our capabilities, I suppose.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

comma ( , )

While trying to explore the molecular pathway of information processing, I was a little surprised to learn that we have tackled massive explosions of information throughout our evolutionary history and came out better-off. I looked there to find some exclusivity; something in our history that will allow me to narrow down my thoughts.

Turns out, symbolic expression of certain emotions is even universal. We however have developed language, to go beyond symbolic expression.

I was once asked to draw an analogy between the collective behavior of a group of people in an organization(not any random group of people) and human intelligence. Couldn't do it. At that time I didn't know about Language.