I had forgotten what my blog space was called; found it kind of funny now; its been about two months since I created this thing and couldn't decide what to start talking about.
What drove me back here was this site:
I read the note on knowledge & thought in a globalized world. Philosophically a definition of knowledge requires a differentiation between propositions, truths and beliefs and at the end the whole thing is left kind of fuzzy. But what if knowledge was processed information? Atleast everything is consistent on the time axis. The concept of lokavidya proposed in the article I'm referring to, ignores the fact that we have exceeded the carrying capacity of the planet.

I sat through a talk by Professor Pranabesh Sanyal of the School of Oceanographic Studies, JU today and it seems that back water contamination in our surface water sources is alarming; mangrove trees, 7-8 yr olds, can now be seen in Calcutta!

That basically sums up the fundamental characteristics of a developing economy.


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