Innovation contd.....

I mean how else do you explain this program:

Here's what the program is meant for:
" intended to inculcate in the young lecturers the quality of self- reliance through awareness of the social, intellectual and moral environment as well as to discover self-potential and confidence."

and add to that,

".....The participation in Orientation Course and Refresher Course is mandatory requirement for career advancement from lecturer to lecturer (Senior Scale) and......"

Therefore, we are teaching our 'Teachers'; they can't learn anything themselves!

And its not like they are eager to learn anything in the classrooms either; they need to be in there to get their "well-deserved" promotions. Infact, they will make cat-calls in the class room disrupting whatever discussion the "lecturer" is trying to initiate and then they will demand that they are allowed to cheat during the exam.

How about a list of people who have not received their promotions because they failed to learn and convert to practice anything from these courses?


Surjo, Re your first piece on Innovation, checkout Geert Hofstede's work on the internet-- attitudes to Innovation vary accross cultures.

Re. Innovation II, I can see the need for structural change in India to affect institutional and social change. You will enjoy Mike Jensen's REM model, and the 2007 nobel in economics on Mechanism Design.
Sandip said…
It took me a while to get back on this, Ashish. I'm still learning my ways around in this circuit. I have checked out Hofstede and the REM model. What I was looking for is more like Geoff West (Santa Fe Institute)'s work relating innovation to wealth generation and pace of urbanized/corporatized life; I think what that research says is that India is rural and USA is urbanized.........will be developing my thoughts.

Regarding your comment on structural change capable of impacting a social mindset change, I would go as far in agreement as to say that democracy doesn't work in an unequally informed population. What we have here is chaos. Just because people are surviving, they assume that there is something very fundamentally vital thats keeping things together. The fact of the matter is that since we have exceeded the carrying capacity of the planet, the itinerant/migrant population is excepted to perish first; but it will be too late then, for a fix.

Somewhere else you had asked about a 'mantra' for India. I feel, there's too much philosophy already out there. What Indian's need to learn is the word 'action'. And that will start when they stop worshiping non-achievers. I had always known this but never thought about it this way, that Bengalis worship all instruments and machines pretty ceremoniously; they have a God for it. Doesn't it make it necessary for them to fear machines and instruments then? No wonder, multi million dollar instruments lie around idle.

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