The value of our used things

Every time I relocate, I find myself in this phase at the end of the packing process, where a miniscule remainder scattered over the apartment suddenly becomes an unmanageable, unending, way-too-much-crap kind of deal. This then becomes the most tiring part of packing and moving. Everytime, I decide that next time I won't let this happen.

There are several things going on here. First of all, I'm not picking up these that constitute the residue in the main phase because they seem relatively insignificant compared to the ones that I'm packing. But as all the more significant belongings get into boxes away from my sight, I'm left to consider only that remain scattered all over the place, as my belongings and thus their perceived value increases, at that point of time.

But now I'll have to decide how much I'm willing to pay for my used belongings, because my international carrier will allow two checked baggages while the US domestic carrier will most probably charge me for the second.


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