Today, I found three netizens who have talked about open-source research before me!

J-C B is in Philadelphia, RR in Vancouver and MT in Sydney; I have linked their relevant sites. Just to keep things straight, I googled for science blogs and found J-C B's Nature precedings ppt which led me to the others. Tanmoy exposed me to the origin and development of open source publishing in particle physics and helped me wrap my head around what it would take to get materials science into open access; part of his work in the open domain, elevates the term hobby to new heights.

Recently, in an attempt to find co-investigators, I explained to a friend that open source development in SW has been immensely useful and therefore successful, while the only good example of open-source publishing was in the field of high-energy physics and in every other field there's too much friction. So how about open source research? Publishing could then become redundant. I find that MT has already formalized this argument here. RR has even addressed the issue of getting scooped. I would like to add that if we remember the fundamental purpose, the term scooped becomes irrelevant.

The intense competition in my field of experimental research will become evident from a little digging into the lone citation to my last paper published earlier this year. Which, I like; it keeps the adrenalin constantly above basal levels and drives me to perform. It also helped eliminate my other choices in open access research topics :-) and got me started with developing this idea of trying to link information processing to stress at subconscious levels, in terms of molecules.


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