can It be done without a war....

Whats been missing from the whole scenario is wars. I feel, India is trying to break loose off all its colonial residues but can't quite get there because of this lack of a Nationalistic feeling. We do not really consider ourselves to be belonging to a single Nation. We haven't really done anything together after the Independence movement. I mean we do not feel it, like every moment of our lives. Once that is achieved, reforms will become much more smoother and effective. Lately, wars have been the only way to achieve this.

The previous military conflicts, for example the one at Kargil, almost immediately polarized the population. It didn't quite serve the purpose. But the reason, it couldn't be used by the state was a lack of effort or performance from the media. Now, the Bush43rd's Iraq adventure has shown how the media can be used to keep the public constantly talking about all the wrong aspects of Government function and so, once the Indian media matures sufficiently in covering up data and carrying people's attention over an extended period of time, India will go to war. Also, there weren't enough movies made on the Kargil war. The commercial aspects really need to change. The state has to raise the funds for the conflict. And, you cannot have power outages in the middle of a major mission, the TV needs to constantly transmit. Otherwise the audience will be lost. I mean people might get bored and go to work or something.

Actually, any crisis will do.


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