A State for the Second Lifers

I can't stop laughing ever since I heard about this second life/Avatar/3D virtual world stuff last evening :) which probably means I'll be in there soon. I was recently marveling at the blogger statistics from Calcutta; there's an incredibly large number of people blogging from here, most of it is like personal diaries and I guess some use it as their creative portfolio but in general women seem much more creative and original.....I spent some time trying to get an overall pic; yet I find that the internet connectivity is almost nonexistent in this rural-city; which led me to wonder, are these bloggers represented in our policy making process? Anyways the point is, what happens when India enters 'second life'. How many more states do we need to make? I can already see a demand for the bloggers and one for the second lifers coming up. Our lives are dependent on very sofisticated technology and India cannot afford to provide that kind of services to the whole nation, neither does it need to, so let us do it in our own state.


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